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Organizations that we have found to be good allies in the fight against cyber exposures

We have worked with Ned Dunham of Kleinbard for many years on the concepts and materials underpinning our cyber exposure approach . Specifically, utilizing the Frigate and Summa offerings, we have jointly assisted clients in understanding and managing their cyber risks. Clicking here will take you to Kleinbard’s cyber practice site.

The world's premier online risk management forum for professionals

The GlobalRisk Community is a thriving community of risk managers and associated service providers. Our purpose is to foster business, networking and educational explorations among members. Our goal is to be the worlds premier Risk forum and contribute to better understanding of complex world of risk.  Link here.

The focal point for risk professionals around the globe

The Center for Financial Professionals is an international research organization and the focal point for financial risk professionals to advance through renowned thought-leadership, knowledge sharing, unparalleled networking, industry solutions and lead generation. Link here.

The Global Risk Academy is the world's first crowdsourced educational platform dedicated to Risk Management. The Academy offers online training courses, webinars, workshops and lectures on current issues and new technologies.

A great newsletter on security news and investigations. Consider subscribing. A link to the site is here.



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SOS Ltd has been in the forefront of understanding how to measure and manage culture for over a decade. The concepts they champion and implement have proven to be successful in numerous organizations. Recently we have begun to applying them in the fight against cyber exposure. Click here for their site.

3rd Annual New Generation Operational Risk 2017

14-15 March 2017


3rd Annual New Generation Operational Risk 2017 will bring together industry professionals to provide a platform for discussion, insights and reviewing of the top priorities across the industry.

Operational risk is an area that is expanding in focus with many institutions deploying large resources and focusing attention on better management, understanding and most importantly adding value to the enterprise to overcome the direct and indirect risks associated.

The Center for Financial Professionals looks to provide high-level insight on critical operational risk areas through interactive panel discussions, thought provoking presentations, interactive Q&A’s, luncheon roundtables and extensive networking opportunities to further progress the discussions.