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Frigate—a cyber risk assessment jointly developed with Kleinbard Bell & Brecker, LLP, a Philadelphia law firm. This survey and report generator provides the Kleinbard clients, within 3 business days, an assessment of the clients' cyber risks and a detailed check list with remediation steps. You can go to the Kleinbard site by clicking here. Or if you would like to learn more about Frigate you can click here to send an email to Ned Dunham at Kleinbard requesting information.

Culture —A survey created for The Economist Ideas Economy Event:Human Potential that provided insight into the importance of managing culture is for an organization. If you would like to learn more about The Economist Ideas Economy series click here

HICOM—An assessment of compliance with the HIPAA regulations. Has been used by a wide range of health organizations. An update is currently being prepared once the HITECH update to HIPAA has completed.

ATV Views—a survey of ATV riders in CT done for the Connecticut Motorsports Business Association regarding the usage and restrictions on ATV usage in Connecticut.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment which was done jointly with Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology for the United States Air Force. The results are proprietary but we are happy to discuss supply chain risk if you give us a call or send an email using the link below and making the subject supply chain risk.

Enterprise Risk Assessment—created for AMXi as an introduction to their Enterprise Risk Assessment offerings.

This short list is meant to provide an overview of the many ways our approach and technology can be used. How can it help you? Click here to send us an email describing the situation you would like to know more about.

History—some of our prior projects


A brief sampling of some of our projects over the past decade. We are happy to discuss should you be interested.

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